[GE users] Help: CPU Usage

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Nov 10 13:33:18 GMT 2007


Am 10.11.2007 um 03:51 schrieb Amy Lee:

> I run a parallel job by the loose integration of SGE. The executive  
> host is based 2 Opteron 270 processors, so I can regard them as 4  
> processors. When I use command "top -d1" to show the system status,  
> I notice that the parallel program is running on the whole  
> processors, 4 processes are running 4 processors and every CPU  
> usage is 100% or 99%. But when I observe the status in Cluster  
> Queues of qmon, I see the tag "Host", the CPU usage is 82.7%.
> What's the difference between them? Or it's not CPU usage or  
> something else?

SGE uses the 5 minutes average, hence the middle value you see in the  
command `uptime` on the node.

-- Reuti

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