[GE users] Single load sensor for multiple hosts?

Daire Byrne Daire.Byrne at framestore-cfc.com
Tue Nov 13 20:29:09 GMT 2007

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----- "Daire Byrne" <Daire.Byrne at framestore-cfc.com> wrote:
> Well I suppose that's one way to do it. But we have users move around
> a lot so then we'd have to administer what user goes with what machine
> and continually update the Q ownerships. It seems that there is
> nothing obvious stopping me from querying our existing stats DB to get
> the current login state of all machines and updating the load values
> for them all in one go. Will give it a go!

I got to play around with the "multiple host" load sensor stuff but I can't get it to work properly at all. I can't seem to get a very basic load_sensor working. I created a load sensor with the output:


I set the load_sensor script up to run on the exechost "sys1" (qconf -mconf sys1) which is also the qmaster/serer node. I created the "xlogin" complex like so:

  xlogin          hdb_x             INT         <=    NO          NO         0        0

I then "instantiated" this to the global host using "qconf -aattr exechost complex_values xlogin=0 global". However looking at the output of "qconf -se sys[1-3]" the value is never updated by the load_sensor for sys2 or sys3. The exechost running the sensor, sys1, reports a load value of xlogin=45 which is actually supposed to be sys2's value.

So it looks like you can't run a single load_sensor on one exechost and have it update the load values for multiple hosts. In fact it seems that the "hostname" field is ignored or it confuses Gridengine if there are multiple ones in the output of the same load_sensor run. I guess I'll just have to run the script on every host then. Shame as a central server would have been neater.


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