[GE users] Modifying Automatic Exec Host Installation Queue

Jonathan Pierce jonathan.pierce at loni.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 13 22:28:22 GMT 2007

Hello All,

We've recently redefined our queues such that @all.q no longer  
exists.  Using the same auto.conf file we had before the change to  
install the exec hosts (./inst_sge -x -noremote -auto ./auto.conf)  
fails.  Here are the relevant lines from the log:

root@[hostname] modified "@allhosts" in host group list
denied: cluster queue "all.q" does not exist
Execd on host [hostname] is not started!

Looking in the auto.conf (generated from the default template), I  
wasn't able to find any lines referencing default queue.  Is there  
some way to configure the auto-installer (or perhaps some other area  
of SGE) such that the machine is joined to a different default queue?

Thank you very much,

Jonathan Pierce
System Administrator
Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA
635 Charles E. Young Drive South, Suite 225
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7332
jonathan.pierce at loni.ucla.edu

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