[GE users] Modifying Automatic Exec Host Installation Queue

Marco Donauer Marco.Donauer at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 14 09:15:17 GMT 2007

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Hello Jonathan,

I'm not sure to understand it right. You want to rename the default 
queue? Is this right?
Or are you planning to do an installation without the creation of any 
queue? During the development of the automatic installation
it was not planned to change the default queue name of all.q, but it 
should be possible to implement this feature anytime.
If you want to change the defaut name you have to change the following 

in file install_modules/inst_qmaster.sh:

$INFOTEXT -u "\nCreating the default <all.q> queue and <allhosts> hostgroup"
   $INFOTEXT -log "Creating the default <all.q> queue and <allhosts> 
   rm -f $TMPL $TMPL2
   if [ -f $TMPL -o -f $TMPL2 ]; then
      $INFOTEXT "\nCan't delete template files >%s< or >%s<" "$TMPL" 
      PrintHostGroup @allhosts > $TMPL
      Execute $SGE_BIN/qconf -Ahgrp $TMPL
      Execute $SGE_BIN/qconf -sq > $TMPL
      Execute sed -e "/qname/s/template/all.q/" \            <- change 
the name here. the default all.q will be created at this place,during 
qmaster installation
                  -e "/hostlist/s/NONE/@allhosts/" \
                  -e "/pe_list/s/NONE/make/" $TMPL > $TMPL2
      Execute $SGE_BIN/qconf -Aq $TMPL2
      rm -f $TMPL $TMPL2       

 $INFOTEXT -u "\nAdding a queue for this host"
   $INFOTEXT "\nWe can now add a queue instance for this host:\n\n" \
             "   - it is added to the >allhosts< hostgroup\n" \
             "   - the queue provides %s slot(s) for jobs in all queues\n" \
             "     referencing the >allhosts< hostgroup\n\n" \
             "You do not need to add this host now, but before running 
jobs on this host\n" \
             "it must be added to at least one queue.\n" $slots

   $INFOTEXT -auto $AUTO -ask "y" "n" -def "y" -n \                     
                     <- if you don't like to get a default queue, you 
can switch the "y" of the -def to "n". This is the default value of this 
during the autoinstallation, always the default will be used, setting to 
"n", no queue will be created.
             "Do you want to add a default queue instance for this host 
(y/n) [y] >> " 

   if [ $? = 0 ]; then
      $SGE_BIN/qconf -aattr hostgroup hostlist $exechost @allhosts
      $SGE_BIN/qconf -aattr queue slots "[$exechost=$slots]" all.q      
                     <- the exechost will be added to the all.q, 
creating the slots entry
      $INFOTEXT -wait -auto $AUTO -n "\nHit <RETURN> to continue >> "

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Pierce wrote:
> Hello All,
> We've recently redefined our queues such that @all.q no longer exists. 
>  Using the same auto.conf file we had before the change to install the 
> exec hosts (./inst_sge -x -noremote -auto ./auto.conf) fails.  Here 
> are the relevant lines from the log:
> root@[hostname] modified "@allhosts" in host group list
> denied: cluster queue "all.q" does not exist
> Execd on host [hostname] is not started!
> Looking in the auto.conf (generated from the default template), I 
> wasn't able to find any lines referencing default queue.  Is there 
> some way to configure the auto-installer (or perhaps some other area 
> of SGE) such that the machine is joined to a different default queue?
> Thank you very much,
> Jonathan
> Jonathan Pierce
> System Administrator
> Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA
> 635 Charles E. Young Drive South, Suite 225
> Los Angeles, CA 90095-7332
> jonathan.pierce at loni.ucla.edu <mailto:jonathan.pierce at loni.ucla.edu>


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