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Ross Dickson Ross.Dickson at dal.ca
Wed Nov 21 19:20:52 GMT 2007

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We have cluster queues configured here to prefer parallel jobs over 
serial, and some configured to prefer jobs of the node "owner" over jobs 
of other users.

 > qconf -sq all.q | grep subordinate
subordinate_list      serial.q=1

We have h_vmem configured as a consumable:

 > qconf -sc | grep h_vmem
h_vmem              h_vmem     MEMORY      <=    YES         YES        
2G       0
 > qconf -se cl005 | grep h_vmem
complex_values        h_vmem=15G

...and this host, for example, has 4 slots in both queues.

The problem is this:  If there are serial (or non-owner) jobs running 
and a parallel (or owner) job is submitted which could use the slots, 
Grid Engine will only schedule it if there is sufficient h_vmem 
*already* free to run the superordinate job. 

It would make so much sense if Grid Engine would look at what h_vmem the 
running jobs have consumed, and reason that since they are in a 
subordinate queue they will be suspended and their memory (temporarily) 
released (or swapped out).  It could therefore use the h_vmem reserved 
for jobs in the subordinate queue to calculate whether the parallel job 
can run.

But it doesn't.

Is there some way we can get subordination to work as desired without 
throwing away the protection afforded by h_vmem consumable?


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