[GE users] mail sent on job reschedule with qsub -m e

Didier Rebeix Didier.Rebeix at u-bourgogne.fr
Fri Nov 23 13:49:23 GMT 2007

Hi GE users,

	I'm running SGE 6.0u10 and I have setup a prolog 
script which exits 99 if a user uses more than N slots. 
So when a user's job exceeds N slots it is rescheduled.

My problem is that even with "qsub -m e" mails like the 
following are sent upon job reschedule.

Subject: Job 7192 (test.com) Rescheduled

Job 7192 (test.com) Rescheduled
 Exit Status      = -1
 Signal           = unknown signal
 User             = testuser
 Queue            = test at node1
 Host             = node1
 Start Time       = <unknown>
 End Time         = <unknown>
 CPU              = NA
 Max vmem         = NA
failed rescheduling because:
11/23/2007 14:27:19 [682:1045]: exit_status of prolog = 99

This is very anoying as these mails are sent at every scheduler 
run and they are flooding our mail server.

With -m e these mails should not be sent, right ?

Did I misunderstood something ?

Is this a known bug ? Any way to workaround it ?

Any clue will be greatly appreciated.


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