[GE users] fair sharing with preemption

Matt DeVuyst mdevuyst at cs.ucsd.edu
Fri Nov 30 18:21:31 GMT 2007

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Suppose I have two users, Alice and Bob.
Alice submits a bunch of long-running jobs and uses 100% of the processors.
Now Bob comes along and submits jobs.
I want half of Alice's running jobs to get kicked off (suspended,
restarted later, whatever) and 50% of the processors to go to Bob's
jobs, assuming Bob has submitted enough jobs to saturate half the
cluster (if he only submits a couple of jobs, then only a couple of
Alice's jobs should get preempted).
This behavior should scale to the number of users--so, for example, if
Charles submits jobs, some of Alice and Bob's jobs should get
preempted and Charles should get 33% of the processors.
This seems like a very straightforward and reasonable policy that
should be easy to implement, but the solution eludes me.

I've gotten fair sharing to work without preemption by setting the
'enforce_user' and 'auto_user_fshare' attributes.
And I know that subordinate queues provide preemption, but as I've
experimented with them I can't get them to preempt in the way that I'm
talking about--either more jobs are suspended than necessary (leaving
idle slots) or nodes are oversubscribed (with more running jobs than

Does anyone know how to correctly configure this policy?

Thanks in advance.


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