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??? blueriver at eastday.com
Wed Sep 5 16:33:04 BST 2007

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Dear all,

    How can I do proper config for exclusive job.

    I want to submit some jobs, who only run on a sole node, not span different nodes. I have viewed the following link and test it. 

    I create a complex greedy and set greedy=1 in our queue (the nodes are 4 slots). When I submit a job like 'qsub -l greedy=1 simple.sh', then the job occupy a entire node. But I think when I submit with 'qsub simple.sh' to the same queue without exclusive flag, it can only occupied a slot not a whole node. But the test result seems it occupy the whole node.
I can set greedy =4 in the queue, but user who want to submit exclusive job, will need to submit with greedy=4, which is difficult remember for common user. 

    So how can I submit a exclusive job just like 'qsub -l greedy=1 slots=1 simple.sh' and a common job like 'qsub slots=1 simple.sh'?  

    Thanks and best regards.

?                 Tom
????????blueriver at eastday.com

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