[GE users] problems with integrating execution node under aix 5.3 to existin g grid environment

MINIHOLD Markus markus.minihold at it-austria.com
Thu Sep 6 10:12:29 BST 2007

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Hi all,
I've following problem with the integration of an execution node running
under aix 5.3 into an exsiting grid environment.
I'm using SGE V6.0u9 as the grid master (solaris sparcv9) and several
solaris and linux execution nodes.
Now I've to integrate an aix 5.3 machine.
Alle machines have installed V6.0u9 and are perfectly running except the aix
5.3 node.
Installation works fine.
For the configuration I've tweaked the util/arch file:
Configuration works fine, communication is established, default queues are
Now the problem:
The grid master and the execution node show me following information on a
qstat -f command.
queuename                      qtype used/tot. load_avg arch      states
 <mailto:all.q at hostname.domain> all.q at hostname.domain    BIP   0/4
-NA-     aix51           au

No job can be started, because on the queue is an alarm and it is
unavailable (au).
Has anyone seen a similar problem or has a workaround for it?
Thx in advance,

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