[GE users] Cannot create Internal Share Tree nodes

John Kenyon jkenyon at unr.edu
Tue Sep 11 00:02:03 BST 2007

Hey all,

I have been trying to setup SGE for a University wide cluster, where I
would like to have a share tree that is several layers deep.  Something
Root-> department -> research group -> user

Some of the docuements I have read(**) imply that this is possible, that
I can create "internal" nodes, as in this screen from an SGE

However, whenever I attempt to use either "qconf -mstree" or qmon's
policy manager, it says that I cannot do this.  Under the root node, I
can only create project nodes or user nodes.  Under project nodes I can
only create user nodes.  I cannot create one of the "internal" nodes as
in the picture above, and as such my "tree" is very flat.

When I try this I get one of the following errors.  If I try to create a
node whose name is neither a project or a user, I get this error.
denied: share tree contains reference to unknown user/project "foo"
(Note, I have tried making a "department", so the name should be
recognized by SGE as a kind of user list).

If I try to create a project under another project, I get this
"message", and my changes are ignored:
found project "B_prj" in project "A_prj" sub-tree of share tree

The origin of this error seems to be
gridengine/source/daemons/qmaster/sge_sharetree_qmaster.c line 381 or
possibly line 343 
(I was planning on hacking this myself, but I am still working on
getting it to compile correctly and I haven't gotten my bosses' "ok" to
work on this project *fingers crossed*)

I was wondering if this behavior was intentional, that all nodes have to
be either root, a project or a user? Or am I doing something wrong,
missing that one button or setting that will mark a node as "just an
internal node"?  Either way, how can I make my share tree handle
multiple levels of internal nodes before I specify a user?

John Kenyon

** Such as "Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition - Software Configuration
Guidelines and Use Cases" page 14
page 145

John Kenyon
UNR Research Grid Systems Administrator
JKenyon at unr.edu

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