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Dave Love david.love at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Sep 11 10:42:13 BST 2007

"Beadles, Jeff" <jeff_beadles at mentor.com> writes:

> SGE uses whatever method you've told your OS to use.  Many os's set
> this via /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Check out the entry for "passwd" to
> see what methods are being used for username resolution.

In addition:  The command to check what SGE (like other programs that
use the correct system interface to the user database) will pick up
for user and group entries is `getent'.  It exists on at least
GNU/Linux, Solaris, and, I think, Irix.  E.g.
  cexec --all getent passwd fred
will check fred on all nodes if you have the C3 tools installed;
similarly for other cluster management tools.

Generally check administrative databases with getent.  It's especially
easy to forget for network names, where `host' or `dig' may give a
different answer.  getent accounts for different databases and also
caching in `nscd' or similar daemons.  The default persistent cache in
the glibc version of nscd was undocumented and apparently broken -- I
haven't checked if that got fixed.

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