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Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Thu Sep 13 14:03:41 BST 2007


Many thanks for your reply.

Is KEEP_ACTIVE an execd parameter ? If so I can see how (via qmon) it
can be changed in the cluster configuration.  

So I "modify" a single machine, add KEEP_ACTIVE=1 to the
execd_parameters , click okay , but it then says that the "host already
exists" even though I was modifying it :-(

What is an alternative way of altering a machines's execd parameter (not
through qmon).

Best regards

Colin Thomas

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Am 13.09.2007 um 14:03 schrieb Colin Thomas:

> I have a question about TMPDIR.
> When job is started the TMPDIR is set to
> <temp dir from queue config>/<gridId>.<queue Name>
> We have a qsh job, which creates an xterm.

how? Is it jumping out of the process tree - like started with & ?  
You can try to set ENABLE_ADDGRP_KILL in the SGE configuration for  
the execd_params so that the xterm is killed when the main job  

-- Reuti

PS: There is the option KEEP_ACTIVE to avoid the removal, but this  
way you would end up a) with many orphaned directories on the nodes  
over time, and b) violating SGE's policy, as the xterm might still  
generate load on the system but SGE will put already another job on it.


> The xterm is inheriting  the
> TMPDIR that the qsh set up. Then the qsh job completes (with the xterm
> still running), and the TMPDIR is removed. The xterm then has no  
> to write to. This did start a conversation saying the the qsh job  
> should
> have know that the xterm child process was still active, and so should
> not have cleaned up anyway..
> I have looked (and failed) to find a switch to disable the TMPDIR from
> being deleted : is there such a thing ?
> I did note some talk about in messages concerning the notify setting
> from the queue configuration (which is set to 60sec by default) but
> changing this does not seem to postpone the TMPDIR from being cleaned.

PPS: Depends on the handling of the signal by the main job. If it  
can't handle it, it will simply quit and tell SGE as a result that it  
finished already. If you ignore the generated signal in the  
jobscript, then during the grace period before being killed finally,  
the TMPDIR should still exist.

> I also tried a prolog script to try and set it to a value that I  
> wanted,
> but this route also did not work.
> Any thoughts ? (we are 6.03u)
> Best regards
> Colin Thomas


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