[GE users] resource reservation not working

Ross Dickson Ross.Dickson at dal.ca
Wed Sep 19 17:18:43 BST 2007

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Hello all.

We've got a Red Hat cluster running N1GE 6.0u9.  We've got resource 
reservation turned on:

% qconf -ssconf | grep reservation
max_reservation                   5

...and four jobs in the waiting list with "-R y".  Here's one:

 % qstat -j 3568 | grep reserv
reserve:                    y

But since it went in on Sept 14, other jobs (of lower priority!) have 
been submitted and scheduled.  Here are some highlights from qstat:

job-ID  prior   name       user         state submit/start at     
queue                          slots ja-task-ID
   3566 0.52079 rs1.90_cmc itamblyn     r     09/18/2007 11:04:59 
all.q at cl026.smu.acenet.ca          4
   3668 0.52079 L099A      mcoates      r     09/18/2007 12:27:44 
all.q at cl027.smu.acenet.ca          4
   3563 0.52079 rs1.90_cmc itamblyn     r     09/13/2007 15:52:23 
all.q at cl028.smu.acenet.ca          4
   3667 0.52079 L022       mcoates      r     09/18/2007 12:27:44 
all.q at cl029.smu.acenet.ca          4
   3568 0.60500 Metis      kghazino     qw    09/14/2007 
13:55:52                                   20

Note the start times on 3566, 3667, 3668.  When I set "params MONITOR=1" 
in qconf -msconf, I can see that 3568 is reserving cpus:

% tail -3 /opt/n1ge6u9/default/common/schedule
3568:1:RESERVING:1190217135:660:Q:all.q at cl021.smu.acenet.ca:slots:1.000000
3568:1:RESERVING:1190217135:660:Q:all.q at cl034.smu.acenet.ca:slots:1.000000
3568:1:RESERVING:1190217135:660:Q:all.q at cl020.smu.acenet.ca:slots:1.000000

This looks suspiciously like a case mentioned on this mailing list in 
Dec 2006 by Jean-Paul Minet, but no answer to his final query appears in 
the archives.  Why are the smaller jobs getting in front of the 
reserving job?  What am I missing? 

Ross Dickson         HPC Consultant
ACEnet               http://www.ace-net.ca
+1 902 494 6710      Skype: ross.m.dickson

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