[GE users] asking about speeding up load reporting -- johnny layne

Johnny Layne laynejg at vcu.edu
Fri Sep 21 16:15:06 BST 2007

Hi Reuti,
Thanks for the reply. We are pretty leery of forcing additional things 
on some of our users, at some point dealing with the politics & 
explaining every little thing gets to be too much. I will certainly keep 
what you suggest in mind, that way of doing things has been considered, 
but is a possibility we're trying to avoid at the moment, that may 
change soon.

Yes, the default suspend method works great! I just wanted to see if I 
could tinker with it in case of future need, as well as output some 
messages to see what's going on.

So anyway, I still wonder about the networking costs. Does anyone have 
hard-won experience with playing with the load_report_time on gigabit 
networking (or at all actually), can you give me tips? 40 seconds worked 
fine for this value, I just worry that that might give some job enough 
time to really ramp up memory usage. So, I'm trying to balance potential 
memory hogging vs. increased networking. Thanks for any information.

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