[GE users] dbWriter Installation Problem

Jana Olivova Jana.Olivova at Sun.COM
Sun Sep 23 22:05:23 BST 2007

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It seems like have missed the step 3 in the chapter 8 -  Installing the 
Accounting and Reporting Console of the Grid Engine Installation Guide.


      Make the following changes to the pg_hba.conf file.

      This change permits unrestricted and password free access to the
      database superuser postgres but requires md5 encrypted passwords
      for all other database users. Replace nnn.nnn.nnn with your subnet
      address without the trailing 0. You also can add access rules on a
      per-host basis by adding similar lines with host IP addresses.

      local   all       postgres                             trust
      local   all       all                                  md5
      # IPv4-style local connections:
      #host    all       all   nnn.nnn.nnn.0  md5


Hope that helps.


Jana Olivova

amanyus wrote:
> *Hello, I wonder what could be the problem? the exact hostname is 
> 'unknown'*
> Database connection test------------------------
> Searching for the jdbc driver org.postgresql.Driver 
> in directory /opt/n1ge6/dbwriter/lib 
> OK, jdbc driver found
> Should the connection to the database be tested? (y/n) [y] >> 
> Test db connection to 'jdbc:postgresql://unknown:5432/arco' ... 
> SEVERE: Can not get a connection to jdbc:postgresql://unknown:5432/arco
> SEVERE: A connection error has occurred: 
> org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for 
> host "", user "arco_write", database "arco", SSL off
> Failed (3)
> Do you want to repeat database connection setup? (y/n) [y] >>
> *Thanks.*

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