[GE users] how to limit the size of -e STDERR standard error files from sge jobs

chris.harwell at novartis.com chris.harwell at novartis.com
Mon Sep 24 15:05:11 BST 2007

Hello Grid Engine Users,

Is there a way to limit the size of the standard error files from sge 
I am using SGE 6.1u2 on RHEL4-U5 x86 and x86_64. 

I didn't see anything in the mailing list archives.

By limit I mean some rough method of making sure the standard error file 
doesn't fill all the available space the home directory of the user
of it gets out of control, while not necessarily limiting the job output 
or other working files. 

There is of course the limiting to nothing via -e /dev/null, but I'd like 
to find a way to limit the file size to no more than 512MB or something 

Any help or pointers appreciated!

Best Regards,
Chris Harwell

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