[GE users] asking about speeding up load reporting -- johnny layne

Johnny Layne laynejg at vcu.edu
Mon Sep 24 15:59:24 BST 2007

hi all,
Just an update on my experiences playing with mem_free and the 
load_report_time value. I changed my job so that the memory hogging 
occurs more gradually, so that after about 5 minutes the node is really 
getting hammered by 3 or 4 of these jobs. Using mem_free as a Suspend 
Threshold with a value of 1.5G (well I used K units actually) on my node 
with 4G RAM, the jobs were managed beautifully, this worked even better 
than when I ran the jobs so the memory grabbing occured at the 
beginning. This is much more like real jobs we run, so this really made 
me happy. In fact I'm going to set the load_report_time back to 40s and 
see how I like that.

Yes Reuti the default suspend method worked great, everything worked 
great in fact. I'm going to keep running a few more tests then grab some 
more nodes for my testing, see how that goes too before we hit the whole 
cluster with this, but I'm already pretty sure that this is what we were 
looking for.

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