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Chaffard Remi remi.chaffard at consultant.volvo.com
Thu Sep 27 08:55:50 BST 2007

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We currently have a problem for the configuration of some queues. 
We want to have a test queue for each queue defined on SGE. We use test queues for testing our scripts before put them in production environment.

The queue and its test queue are both defined on the same hostgroup with the same number of slots. The configuration is the following :

Queue aix : 	slots : 8
		hostgroup : h_aix
Queue aix_test	slots : 8
		hostgroup : h_aix

The problem if that if the aix queue have 6 slots used on a host, a 4-processors job can run in the aix_test queue and overload the machine (we are using 8-processors aix machines).

So is there any way to prevent overload  with a slot verification based on already used processors ? If 6 processors are used on the "aix" queue, the number of slots remaining should be 2 on "aix_test" queue, and not 8)

To sum up, if there a way to create dependent queue on the same hosts without overload the host ?

Thanks for help.

Rémi Chaffard (SOLUTEC)
I&O - Application Production - Product Development

Telephone: (+33) 4 72 96 61 52
E-mail: remi.chaffard at consultant.volvo.com

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