[GE users] Custom load sensor - correct way to time limit a host?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Sep 28 21:18:24 BST 2007

    reuti> Different amount of CPUs, i.e. slots, you can setup in the queue
    reuti> definition for each host/-group separate in one and the same
    reuti> queue definition.

I'm confused.  I thought users had to submit their jobs to specific queues.
A queue fronts one or more execution hosts, right?  What am I missing?

    reuti> a) you could define a calendar in SGE to suspend or disable some
    reuti> hosts (i.e. queue instances) during the day (man calendar_conf)

host == queue instance?  As I indicated, I just want my (very naive) users
to not have to worry about which queue to submit to.  Having only queue
means they can't make mistakes at submission time.

    reuti> b) define the queue with a "priority 19" (i.e. nice value) on
    reuti>    these machines, so that any local activity gets more CPU time,
    reuti>    keeping the running jobs (depends of course on the memory
    reuti>    requirements and more, whether this is suitable in your case)

Not an option.  I can't bear the context switch time necessary when input
comes in.  It has to be processed right now.

    reuti> In any case I would suggest to give these machine a higher
    reuti> sequence number and change the schedule setup to order the queue
    reuti> instances by "seqno", so that these machines are used last.

That seems inadequate as well.  Suppose I have ten hosts and users submit
100 jobs.  Isn't it likely that those high sequence number hosts are going
to come into play?  I simply can't have any compute jobs run on these hosts
under any circumstances (no matter how low the priority) during the time
window when they are reserved for other uses.  I potentially have 500
computers at my disposal if I can guarantee this property.  If not, I have
maybe 50.


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