[GE users] different display of a job with hard resource request

??? blueriver at eastday.com
Sat Sep 29 01:42:45 BST 2007

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   Thanks for your attentions.

   I use your command but can not find the jobs with  hard resource request. The jobs are submited by my own account.



>Is the same user submitting the job as doing the qstat?

>Try 'qstat -f -q linux.q -u "*" ' to see the jobs
>submitted by all the users.

>>??? wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>    I submit a job with -q linux.q -l mem_free=500M, and using the command qstat -f can see the job is in the pending list.
>    but using  qstat -f -q linux.q can not see in the pending list. why?
>    I guess SGE can not determine the queue result for the jobs with some hard resource request although they are submitted with specified queue type. Is it right?  	
> ??Thanks and best regards!
> ????????Tom
> ????????blueriver at eastday.com
> ??????????2007-09-28




????????blueriver at eastday.com

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