[GE users] Strange Consequence of Changing h_vmem .. N1GE 6.1

Graham Jenkins Graham.Jenkins at its.monash.edu.au
Sun Sep 30 03:57:53 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 16:10 +0200, Reuti wrote:

> With h_vmem also h_data and h_stack will be set. Some applications  
> need the limit to be smaller, i.e. if h_vmem & h_stack is infinity  
> all is fine, but if h_vmem is set, h_stack needs considerably  
> smaller, around 128M is often fine.
> Any changes when you try this?

Thanks Reuti, that solves my initial problem (for an Intel Fortran
OpenMPI job) running on a special Test queue (on our 4G machine with 2
CPUs and therefore 2 Slots) thus:
qconf -sq tque |grep "h_"
h_rt                  00:04:00
h_cpu                 INFINITY
h_fsize               INFINITY
h_data                INFINITY
h_stack               128m
h_core                INFINITY
h_rss                 INFINITY
h_vmem                2g
#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -pe mpich 2
#$ -cwd
. /etc/profile
module load openmpi-intel
mpirun -np 2 ../bin/pi3a 123  => works as expected!

But it creates another problem thus:
#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -cwd
module load java
java -Xms1800m -Xmx1801m -jar ../bin/bigpi.jar 123
cat bigpi.sh.[oe]14866
Could not create the Java virtual machine.
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap

So I guess I really need to know more about the relationship between
h_vmem, h_stack and h_data on an AMD64 2-cpu machine running something
like RHEL5.  Are you able to assist please .. or better still, suggest a
mechanism which will prevent a user of any Application (Java, Fortran,
NAMD, Octave, etc.) from grabbing more than 2gb of memory .. without
otherwise restricting such a user?

Graham Jenkins
Senior Software Specialist, E-Research

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