[GE users] how to set max number of jobs

RRay at semtech.com RRay at semtech.com
Wed Apr 9 20:10:28 BST 2008

I'm sure this is basic, but I  seem to be missing something in the manuals 
and not getting the right search in the archives to tell me what I'm 

I have several queues defined for each tool that runs on our farm.  So 
each server node could have multiple queues feeding into it.  For example, 
on one machine I have queues defined for eldosims, pspicesims, itools. 

I want to cap the total number of jobs from any of these servers to a 
number.  For example, lets say I have a 4 processor machine so I want to 
allow a max of 4 jobs to run on this machine.  It can be any 4 jobs, but I 
don't want a 5th job starting.  I thought slots was what I need and setup 
the queues so that they had 4 slots on this machine.  What I accomplished 
is that if all three queues try to run, I can get 12 jobs running on the 
machine with 4 from each queue.

So what am I missing to setup my queues or nodes so that only 4 jobs would 
run on this machine?  If two of the queues have no jobs, but one queue has 
a bunch, I want 4 jobs from that queue running on the node.


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