[GE users] how to set max number of jobs

David Olbersen dolbersen at nextwave.com
Wed Apr 9 21:03:44 BST 2008

We were just discussing this last week, actually. From what I understood
of the conversation you can kind of get this from the RQS like Chris
Since I've got an older version of SGE (6.0u8) without RQS I created a
custom consumable complex, named it cores, and set it equal to the
number of CPUs on each machine (typically 4). I set the complex to
default to 1.0 so that by default each job will require one. Then I set
the queues up so that they all have 4 slots.
So if one node accepts jobs from 4 queues, totalling it up there'd be 16
potential job slots. BUT, since each job requires 1 core, and the
machine only has 4 of them, only 4 jobs (from any combination of queues)
will ever run. This has worked pretty well for me. However, I've run in
to problems with queue subordination (suspend jobs in q1 so jobs in q2
can run) and this configuration.

David Olbersen


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Subject: [GE users] how to set max number of jobs

I'm sure this is basic, but I  seem to be missing something in the
manuals and not getting the right search in the archives to tell me what
I'm after. 

I have several queues defined for each tool that runs on our farm.  So
each server node could have multiple queues feeding into it.  For
example, on one machine I have queues defined for eldosims, pspicesims,

I want to cap the total number of jobs from any of these servers to a
number.  For example, lets say I have a 4 processor machine so I want to
allow a max of 4 jobs to run on this machine.  It can be any 4 jobs, but
I don't want a 5th job starting.  I thought slots was what I need and
setup the queues so that they had 4 slots on this machine.  What I
accomplished is that if all three queues try to run, I can get 12 jobs
running on the machine with 4 from each queue. 

So what am I missing to setup my queues or nodes so that only 4 jobs
would run on this machine?  If two of the queues have no jobs, but one
queue has a bunch, I want 4 jobs from that queue running on the node. 


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