[GE users] Re: GE6.1u4 update, some XML observations, was: GE 6.1u3: several issues / experience with RQS and a severe problem with lost sge_schedd by NFS outage

Wilfried Gaensheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Thu Apr 10 10:52:59 BST 2008

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Hallo *,

just a short update about the -priority issue:
>>   4. qstat -f -j <job> does not report the value of a project when
>>      submitted ?-P project?
>>      (nor does the xml output provide that information). How do I find
>>      that (it is
>>      in the qmon interface). The other information I could not locate
>>      is the job execution
>>      start time as given through qsub -a ....?
> That's a regression introduced with 6.1u3 and will be fixed in 6.1u4.
I have tried 6.1u4 and all the info is back again (priority, predecessor,
project, execution time). Thanks :-)

One thing puzzled me, though: Priority in the xml format is the actual
priority value + 1024.

One other remark: is there a special reason, why the xml output for
"qstat -f -xml" does not show the submission time (nor a execution time
when -a was used) for running jobs.

Knowing the submissions time and the start time at one glance helps
when issues with job order needs to be clarified
(users complaining about long waiting time while other jobs started later
are executing).

The other way round "qstat -f -j N" does report submission (and execution
time if applicable), but not the start time. Getting that together
is a little bit tedious (w/o -xml)

BTW., the submission time format differs from qstat -f -xml:
vs. qstat -f -xml -j

Last but not least I do not find info about the current status of a job
like "wq" or "hqw" or "r" (i would be interested in getting a hint about
hold state) in the xml output. e.g. the output of "qstat -xml -f -j N"
does not at all change when a hold gets set or released (apart from
JB_version being incremented). I would expect to get an indication about a
set hold.

Just discovered the job state is added when the "qstat -xml -f -r" flags
are used. "qstat -xml -f -r -j N" does not report anything about a
hold, though.

Is there already a issue filed about that? Should I?

Bye, thanks for all the help and great support

wilfried at gaensheimer.de
++ das wird mal meine Signature ++

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