[GE users] Setting Up A Load Sensor in Grid Engine

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com
Tue Apr 15 11:54:24 BST 2008

> Hi
> This is due to tmpspace.sh script contains:-
>    tmpfree=`echo $dfoutput | awk '{ print $4}'`//now I changed 4 to 3
>    tmptot=`echo $dfoutput | awk '{ print $2}'` //now I changed 2 to 1
>    tmpused=`echo $dfoutput | awk '{ print $3}'`//now I changed 3 to 2
>  now I m getting the output if I run the script by hand .

BTW: to reduce the forking (on awk) you can simply use 'set' within a
function. For example,

# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# df_info
# echo the $1_{total,used,free} space on filesystem $2
# gridengine uses the suffixes
#   'k' => blocksize 1000
#   'K' => blocksize 1024
# return 0 if 'df' fails
   # 1:tag 2:mount 3:filesys 4:total 5:Used 6:Avail 7:Used% 8:Mount
   [ -d "$2" ] && set -- $1 $2 $( df -k $2 2>/dev/null | tail -1 )

   ## we could add the following check:
   ## [ "$2" != "$8" ] && set -- $1 $2;        # mount point mismatch?

   [ "$#" -ge 6 ] || set -- $1 $2 filesystem 0 0 0

   echo "$UQHOST:$1_total:$4K"
   echo "$UQHOST:$1_used:$5K"
   echo "$UQHOST:$1_free:$6K"

In which UQHOST is the invariant unqualified hostname.
This function can be called directly within the load report cycle

HOST=$($SGE_utilbin/gethostname -aname)
UQHOST=$(echo $HOST | cut -f1 -d.)

while :
   read input || exit 1         # wait for input
   [ "$input" = quit ] && exit 0

   echo begin                   # begin load report
   df_info      tmp     /tmp
   echo end                     # end load report
exit 0                  # we never get here, but just in case

> But first of all why this load sensors are not up in execution nodes?

This is indeed an interesting question. Try adding something like this
to the script:

   echo "loadsensor on $(hostname) at $(date)" >> /tmp/loadsensor.log

To find out if the load sensor is being called at all.

I would also check that the hostname reported in the load sensor
actually matches with how GridEngine knows the host.  It will not work
if the loadsensor reports "host1" but is actually being called from

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