[GE users] how to remove a host from all.q

Sandeep, Patel(IE10) Sandeep.Patel2 at Honeywell.com
Tue Apr 15 13:37:53 BST 2008


   Actually this node that I want to delete is member of two queue
(all.q and  high.q). So I want to remove from all.q , not from high.q.

  If I ll do the steps that u told , than I m thinking that host will be
deleted from both the queue .


But I want that node to be the member of high.q.



Is it possible ?


Regards  and thanks




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Hi sandeep,
Please try this 
1.stop the sge_execd daemon in execution host
2.Issue qconf -de hostname command from mgr host
3. remove the hostname from qconf -mq queuename command
4. restart the sge_master daemon in the mgr host


"Sandeep, Patel(IE10)" <Sandeep.Patel2 at Honeywell.com> wrote:



  I want to remove a host from all.q


So for that I have done like this qconf -mq all.q 

Than deleted the the desired hostname.

Than restarted the system.

But when I have checked qstat -f  , that specific node is present in








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