[GE users] Job Suspension Configuration

Erik Soyez E.Soyez at science-computing.de
Wed Apr 16 07:55:12 BST 2008

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Reuti wrote:

> Am 15.04.2008 um 17:54 schrieb Neil Baker:
>> I was wondering if anyone could recommend a queue configuration for achieve 
>> the following?  I would like to have two queues:
>> a high priority queue = H
>> a normal priority queue = N
>> Each queue will allow 4 jobs to be run on each machine (they are dual CPU 
>> machines with hyper threading, giving 4 CPUs per machine in total).
>> If I had 4 jobs running on the N queue on a particular machine, then when I 
>> run 1 job on the H queue on that same machine, I would like to suspend 1 of 
>> the 4 jobs running on the N queue.  Likewise if I run 2 jobs on the H queue 
>> on a particular machine, I would like to suspend 2 jobs on the N queue on 
>> the same machine, and so on.  A kind of 1 for 1 suspension where 1 N job is 
>> suspended in place of 1 H job. The reason for this is that I^Yd like to 
>> have a higher priority queue for urgent jobs that will park normal priority 
>> jobs (but not all normal jobs as we^Yd still like to use CPU horse power 
>> where available).
>> I^Yve been playing with the Subordinate Queues so that I can set a 
>> threshold of say 4 so that when 4 jobs are run in the H queue on a machine 
>> it suspends all jobs in the N queue (be it 1 job or 4 jobs), but I^Ym 
>> unable to work out how I can get the one H job suspend only 1 N job 
>> configured.
> it's simply not supported in this style. But you try to use the 
> suspend_threshold to suspend some of the jobs in the normal queue depending 
> on the load.

But watch out that your jobs don't play ping pong - we once had that
case where jobs in the low queue were suspended and unsuspended every
five minutes - load up, job suspended, load down, job resumed, load
up, job suspended,....

Erik Soyez.


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