[GE users] Wallclock accounting and parallel environments

Daire Byrne Daire.Byrne at framestore-cfc.com
Wed Apr 16 16:06:53 BST 2008

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We want to use wallclock accounting such that our share tree essentially defines the share of slots between projects and not the CPU time used. We have enabled the following params in the conf:

  execd_params                 ACCT_RESERVED_USAGE=true \

Everything seems to work as expected for normal single slot jobs (no PE's). We then setup a PE to deal with SMP (multi-threading jobs) like this:

  pe_name           pe-threaded
  slots             100000
  user_lists        NONE
  xuser_lists       NONE
  start_proc_args   /bin/true
  stop_proc_args    /bin/true
  allocation_rule   $pe_slots
  control_slaves    FALSE
  job_is_first_task FALSE
  urgency_slots     min

We created three projects in the share-tree (A, B, C) all with equal shares (33/33/33%) and submitted lots of jobs like so:

  ( for i in `seq 1 20000`; do qsub -q farm.q@@hosts-rr -P A -N proj_A -b y 'sleep 240'; done ) &
  ( for i in `seq 1 20000`; do qsub -q farm.q@@hosts-rr -P B -N proj_B -pe pe-threaded 2 -b y -S /bin/sh 'sleep 240'; done ) &
  ( for i in `seq 1 20000`; do qsub -q farm.q@@hosts-rr -P C -N proj_c -pe pe-threaded 4 -b y -S /bin/sh 'sleep 240'; done ) &

After an hour or so (halflife 1 hour) the system reaches a steady state. However the total slots in use by each project looks a bit odd:

  A=921, B=1082, C=1692 (~3,780 slots available)

The share tree reports the following as the "actual" resource usage: A=20%, B=35%, C=45% which seems reasonable considering the steady state slot usage. But why is the system not trying to correct for the imbalance? The share tree knows the usage is imbalanced but it is like SGE is not aware that dispatching a job belonging to "C" (4 slots) is different to dispatching a job from A (1 slot). You can see this is the case when you first start the test as all three projects initially have the same number of jobs running but are actually using very different numbers of slots.

I looked at "control_slaves" and "job_is_first_task" but they just made the share-tree report the "actual" usage as 33/33/33% so the no. of running jobs were always 33/33/33%  too. Obviously the slot count is very different (1:2:4).

Am I missing something obvious here or does SGE not take into account the requested slots count when ordering and dispatching jobs? We are using GE 6.1u3.


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