[GE users] Slots, Machines & CPUs

Neil Baker neil.baker at crl.toshiba.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 13:53:13 BST 2008


This must seem like a ridiculously simple question, but I can't seem to find
an answer in the grid engine v6.1 documentation.

Is the number of slots on an execution host machine linked to the number of
CPUs in that machine?

The reason I ask is that I have many execution host machines, each with 2
Hyper-threaded CPUs.  They appear in the grid as hosts with 4 CPUs (this is
what I want and 4 jobs per machine run well).  

Some machines occasionally boot up and don't find one of the hyper-threaded
CPUs so report only 3 CPUs.  However I still see 4 slots reported in the
all.q queue for these hosts with only 3 recognised CPUs.

Is the number of slots set per host during the installation of the execution
host software and its then fixed (i.e. it's not smart enough to see when a
CPU is missing)?

I'm using grid engine v6.1 and I'm using the all.q default queue during

Again any help really appreciated.


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