[GE users] limiting jobs per queue

RRay at semtech.com RRay at semtech.com
Wed Apr 23 14:56:36 BST 2008

I'm not sure if this answers the question you are asking, but I just 
implemented this last week using RQS.

My queues are setup with the slots=# of processors for each queue that 
will run on a host.  This allows the queue to feed one job per processor 
for each processor in the machine.  Since I have multiple queues running 
on each host, I use RQS to limit the number of all jobs to the number of 
processors.  Here is my RQS definition that is working (farm1 has 2 cpus, 
farm3 has 4 cpus):

   name         max_slots_per_node
   description  "limit number of slots to num_proc on a node"
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        hosts farm1 to slots=2
   limit        hosts farm3 to slots=4

So far it is working just as advertised.


Dave Love <d.love at liverpool.ac.uk> wrote on 04/23/2008 09:21:37 AM:

> How do you limit the number of jobs per queue with resource quotas?  The
> specification says it covers this, but I don't see how to limit by
> number of (parallel) jobs rather than slots.  (We don't actually have
> SGE 6.1 running yet, so I can't play, but this is something which would
> encourage moving to it.)
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