[GE users] How to configure GE to send jobs to two clusters

Esteban Freire esfreire at cesga.es
Fri Apr 25 10:38:53 BST 2008

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Hi Reuti and Chris,

First of all, thanks for your answer.

Reuti escribió:
> Hi,
> Am 24.04.2008 um 17:24 schrieb Esteban Freire:
>> We have two GE clusters configured, one installed locally and the 
>> other one in an external machine running qmaster server. We would 
>> like to know if it is possible configure our submitter host to submit 
>> jobs to two different qmasters, I think we can get this playing with 
>> the variable $SGE_CELL but I would appreciate some help.
> are you sharing the $SGE_ROOT between both clusters?
> The $SGE_CELL is not "default" in at least one of the clusters?
> The sge_qmaster/sge_execd ports are the same in both clusters?
> The same user accounts exist in both clusters?
> The /home is shared?
No, we are not sharing the $SGE_ROOT between both clusters, they are 
different installations, and they are installed in different paths, and 
besides they are different versions, one is installed with *SGE 6.0u6* 
and the other one with *GE 6.1u3*

In this moments, the $SGE_CELL is "default" in both clusters. How to 
should I configure it?

The sge_qmaster/sge_execd ports are not the same in both clusters, 
should they are the same?

Yes, same user accounts exist in both cluster, but /home is not shared.

>> Other question in which we are interested is, can we also have a 
>> qstat result for both qmasters?
> If you write a wrapper for qstat (and qsub), which will select a 
> different cellname on-the-fly, it should work. It will lookup the 
> other qmaster by getting its name from the act_qmaster file which is 
> different. In case you don't share $SGE_ROOT, you can just copy the 
> static information in $SGE_ROOT/other_cell to the other cluster.
Sorry, how can I select a different cellname with qstat?

> -- Reuti
> PS: Another option could be: 
> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/TransferQueues/transferqueues.html 
> The included scripts are for 5.3 and will need some tweaking to work 
> under 6.0.
Ok, I have to read this.


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