[GE users] Email at the end of an array job?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Apr 30 07:14:52 BST 2008

Am 30.04.2008 um 01:24 schrieb Beadles, Jeff:
> What I would do is to just submit a job after the array job, with  
> mail notification turned on, and have it put a hold on your array  
> job number.
> Something like;
> $ qsub -t 1-1000 myarray.sh
> Your job number 123 has been submitted
> $ qsub -p 0 -hold_jid 123 -m b  -M my at example.com -b y /bin/true
> That way you'll get email after all of the array tasks have finished.
Yep, I do a similar thing with special parallel jobs which need some  
additonal housekeeping after they ran. What I did to get them started  
immediately: I have a special queue without any limits and an  
attached forced complex, so that these jobs will always run directly  
after the main job (for sure they never have to wait).

-- Reuti

>   -Jeff
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> Subject: [GE users] Email at the end of an array job?
> So have I overlooked something embarassingly obvious, or is there  
> no way
> to get an email when all of the tasks in my array job has finished, as
> opposed to when each task finishes?
> For example, I launch a job with 300 tasks via `qsub -m e -t  
> 1-300 ...`
> I don't want 300 email, I just want an email when the last task
> finishes.
> Is this possible?
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> David Olbersen

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