[GE users] Allowing parallel jobs to run on busy cluster

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Dec 3 22:34:38 GMT 2008

Hi Sean,

"parallel job starvation" used to be a problem on older SGE systems as  
faster non-parallel jobs would zip in and out of job slots during each  
scheduling interval while never leaving enough free slots for the  
larger parallel job.

I think this has been mostly solved now in recent versions of SGE via  
the use of reservation based scheduling. People submit the parallel  
job with a reservation request (-R y ) and SGE will slowly start to  
hold back job slots until there are enough free.

Hopefully someone will correct me ASAP if I got the above bit wrong.  
Back in the day I recall dealing with this issue via the  
wait_wait_time Urgency sub-policy but I don't think that hack is  
needed anymore.


On Dec 3, 2008, at 5:23 PM, Sean Davis wrote:

> We have a small cluster that consists of several SMP machines.  We
> have been running into the situation that many serial jobs have been
> submitted (and are in the queue) and a user wants to run an 8-process
> parallel process on a single SMP machine.  Is it possible without
> setting arbitrary resource limits on particular users (those
> submitting the serial jobs) to give priority to the parallel job?
> Otherwise, what happens is that the serial jobs always take precedence
> until there are enough processors open on a single machine to run the
> parallel job (the PE is set up as $pe_slots).
> Thanks,
> Sean


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