[GE issues] sge 6.2 on linux & arco

christoph christoph.beyer at desy.de
Thu Dec 4 14:42:25 GMT 2008


I'm new to this list - so hello everybody ;)

I run in this issue:

Problem: No application is registered with this Sun Java(TM) Web Console, 
or you have no rights to use any applications that are

Unfortunately the 'Solution' is not helping in any way.

I am running the jave version form the package an SJWC 3.0.2 on Scientific 
Linux SL release 5.1 (Boron)

Does anyone have any further information about how to fix this issue ?

Some output:

[equipment2] /gridware/sge/reporting # wcadmin list

Deployed web applications (application name, context name, status):

     com.sun.grid.arco_6.2  reporting       [running]
     console           ROOT            [running]
     console           com_sun_web_ui  [running]
     console           console         [running]
     console           manager         [running]

Registered jar files (application name, identifier, path):

     console  console_jars  /opt/sun/webconsole/lib/*.jar
     console  jato_jar      /opt/sun/share/lib/jato.jar
     console  javahelp_jar
     console  shared_jars

Registered login modules (application name, service name, identifier):

     console  ConsoleLogin  userlogin

Shared service properties (name, value):

     ENABLE            yes
     arco_app_dir      /usr/sge/tst/tst/arco/reporting
     java.home         /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_04
     debug.trace.level  3
     arco_logging_level  INFO
     arco_config_file  /usr/sge/tst/tst/arco/reporting/config.xml

cheers & thanks

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