[GE users] Per-node group priorities?

Jim Zajkowski jamesez at umich.edu
Wed Dec 10 20:12:49 GMT 2008

Is it possible to configure SGE so that jobs submitted by members of a group
have a preference for a specific set of nodes?

The backstory: two PIs have been guaranteed use of ten compute nodes* in
their job offer letters.  Both do nearly identical computational jobs, which
have the flavor of tens of thousands of very very short tasks.

What I would like to happen is that all nodes be available to all users all
the time, so that if only lab A is submitting that it would run on all
twenty machines.  If lab B submits a job as well, in a short amount of time
I would like them to shift to a 50/50 split, ten machines per lab.

I'm fairly certain this is possible with Condor (which we run on our other
compute cluster) but we'd prefer SGE for two reasons, one being that Condor
has issues with huge numbers of jobs, and the other being that the tools
being run already expect an SGE environment.

Is this kind of thing possible with SGE?  I found quotas but nothing like a
resource floor.

Thanks for your help,


* where ten really means 80 cores


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