[GE users] Per-node group priorities?

Gerald Ragghianti geri at utk.edu
Wed Dec 10 22:20:43 GMT 2008

This seems like a fairly standard problem with shared systems. However, 
you have the big advantage that you users are running very short jobs.  
I would set up a project-based share tree priority system with a short 
half life.  If you give each lab 50% of the resources it will 
approximate a 50/50 split over the half life time (during resource 
contention), and it would allow each lab to scale up to 20 nodes if the 
resources are not under contention.

- Gerald

Jim Zajkowski wrote:
> Is it possible to configure SGE so that jobs submitted by members of a group
> have a preference for a specific set of nodes?
> The backstory: two PIs have been guaranteed use of ten compute nodes* in
> their job offer letters.  Both do nearly identical computational jobs, which
> have the flavor of tens of thousands of very very short tasks.
> What I would like to happen is that all nodes be available to all users all
> the time, so that if only lab A is submitting that it would run on all
> twenty machines.  If lab B submits a job as well, in a short amount of time
> I would like them to shift to a 50/50 split, ten machines per lab.
> I'm fairly certain this is possible with Condor (which we run on our other
> compute cluster) but we'd prefer SGE for two reasons, one being that Condor
> has issues with huge numbers of jobs, and the other being that the tools
> being run already expect an SGE environment.
> Is this kind of thing possible with SGE?  I found quotas but nothing like a
> resource floor.
> Thanks for your help,
> --Jim
> * where ten really means 80 cores
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