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magawake wrote:


I can give you a response regarding the LHC view of the grid,

In the case of LHC experiment, the grid is a worldwide distribueted 
Computing system,
with some central service, Workload Managament System WMS, a scheduler 
system [ condor ]
a informative system BDII, a top ldap database, the trre are give by 
other ldap GRIS/GIIS Site BDII
publish the information to the top bdii, a VOMS server an enachement to 
the globus security.
The LFC a database containg the relation between the Logical file name [ 
as the user call the the file ]
and the SURL where the file is saved on the Storage Element , at the 
least the cluster, where the front End
is called Computing Element and the execetion host is called Worker Node.
In Other case the grid is refered to a kind of scheduler system with/out 
the globus security

> I was looking thru some slides from http://www.scribd.com/doc/193625/Caching-Grid-In-A-Nutshell
> And I noticed a particular slide called "Grid Engine". Is there a difference between GRID (several computers), and "GRID Engine"? Is the term Grid Engine a brand from Sun Micro Systems or a container of technology?
> Sorry for a newbie question
> tia
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