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Henry, Mark Patrick mark.p.henry at hp.com
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Thanks for the replies..

Makes sense that the variable substitution doesn't happen on a comment line.. ;)

If one wanted to use shell variables to further customize the the sge options in the submission cmd, then it seems like a normal shell script would be more flexible and there'd be limited benefit in my using the sge script approach.

Thanks again for the help!

Happy Christmas / <local holiday>!


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Hi All,

Can't find a clear explanation on this in the manuals or online.. I'd appreciate any help.

I'm trying to use shell env. variables in a sge script, including the parameter variables ($* etc) when submitted via qsub or a qrsh batch submission and its not working as I would expect, or at all in fact.

For example,

-- submission cmd --

qrsh -V -now -q queue1 -b n ./myscript arg1 arg2

--- myscript --


# Send mail to these users
#$ -M $LOGNAME at mailserver.local.com

# Mail at beginning/end/on suspension
#$ -m bes

# auto-name the job based on params
#$ -N "$LOGNAME: first: $1, second: $2"

# pass on all the args to the actual build script build_script $*

So, pretty simple.. I just want to pass through some parameters from the user cmd submission into the script and on to the actual build script later.  Also, I'd like to be able to use other vars in the users environment to give a customized email message while having a single script for everyone.

It seems that -V would be the mechanism to do this, but it doesn't seem to fly.  Running GE v6.1

If there are any alternate suggestions too, that'd be appreciated.

Many thanks,



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