[GE users] Allocate cores in the same enclosure

Sofia Bassil sofia.bassil at fra.se
Thu Dec 18 10:12:27 GMT 2008

reuti skrev:
> Hi Sofia,
> Am 17.12.2008 um 16:45 schrieb Sofia Bassil:
>> Using one queue the way you specified makes my job run, and it  
>> allocated cores correctly. Thank you! Plus its a slimmer solution  
>> whose configuration is easier to read. Very nice!
>> The fact that it works with one queue but not two, is that a  
>> difference in the versions of Grid Engine? Is it supposed to work  
>> with 2 queues as well in 6.1?
> yes, it should work in the same way. It's only a condensed setup. So  
> I still have no clue about your former problem. The # you entered  
> also there, or was it only an email edit?
At the time of writing I thought it would clearify how the second 
queue/pe/hostgroup was configured. (When I later read the mail in the 
list I found it more confusing than clearifying however.) So it was an 
e-mail edit.
>> A follow up question:
>> Is there a way to allocate jobs first in one hostgroup, and then in  
>> another. Say I have 3 blade enlosures with 8 machines with 4 CPU:s  
>> in each. Enclosure 1 and 2 are right next to each other while  
>> enclosure 3 is in another location. I want my job to run on 40  
>> cores with as high bandwidth as possible. Can I somehow, using this  
>> same solution you have helped me with, get the scheduler to  
>> allocate all the 32 cores in enclosure 1 and then allocate the  
>> remaining 8 requested cores in enclosure 2? Or is there some other  
>> way of doing this?
> Yes, just define an additonal hostgroup with this all 16 machines  
> included and attach a third PE only to this hostgroup. Just use a  
> different name, which can't be reached by the former "test*".
Great, thank you!


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