[GE users] parallel -notify [was: File copy from local /scratch on job termination]

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Dec 22 00:21:50 GMT 2008

Am 15.12.2008 um 16:58 schrieb Olesen, Mark:

>>> Do you know if -notify now works with openmpi? There used to be a
>>> problem of USR1/USR2 killing the daemons.
>> Dunno, but I can test it. - Reuti
> Please do when you have a chance. I assume that you are still  
> active on
> the openmpi list and can also let them know of the status.

AFAICS it's not a problem of Open MPI, but of SGE. Open MPI would  
nicely forward the usr1/2 to all processes (when the mpirun gets it),  
hence they must be handled or at least ignored in the parallel program.

The first problem is the "qrsh", which is called by Open MPI. I even  
adjusted Open MPI to call a qrsh wrapper (to ignore usr1/2), but  
somehow their handling is reset to the default action. I checked in / 
proc/<process_id_of_qrsh>/status and the ignore bits are always  
cleared. I used a wrapper:

trap '' usr1 usr2
echo "Wrapper active"
exec /usr/sge/bin/lx24-x86/qrsh "$@"

and with other programs the signals are ignored this way. But also in  
SGE's source I couldn't find the place where they are reestablished.  
If someone could give me a hint... This would be the first necessity,  
to get it working.

Second problem would be on the nodes, where the "orted" would get the  
signal; though this can easily be handled by an orted-wrapper like  
above, and for this program it's working fine.

I'm not sure whether the signals are delivered at all by the shepherd  
for slave tasks. It was on the list recently, to support parallel job  
suspension out-of-the-box by reenabling the signal delivery for all  
slave tasks by default.

-- Reuti

> /mark
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> Am 15.12.2008 um 15:09 schrieb Bart Willems:
>>>>> I recently urged our cluster users to use local scratch space on
>> the
>>>>> cluster nodes instead of the NFS mounted RAID during their
>>>>> calculations.
>>>>> In the example submission file below all required files for the
>> job
>>>>> are
>>>>> copied over to the node's local hard disk ($TMPDIR is /scratch)
>> and
>>>>> copied
>>>>> back when the job completes. However, the files only get copied
>>>>> back when
>>>>> the job exits normally. If SGE terminates the job because it
>>>>> exceeds the
>>>>> requested CPU time or if a user manually terminates a job with
>>>>> qdel, the
>>>>> files are not copied back from the node's local hard disk to the
>>>>> RAID. Is
>>>>> there any way around this?
>>>> yes.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Bart
>>>> You have to submit the job with -notify
>>>>> #!/bin/bash
>>>>> #$ -S /bin/bash
>>>>> #$ -j y
>>>>> #$ -N helloworld_test
>>>>> #$ -l h_cpu=00:02:00
>>>>> #$ -cwd
>>>> # Two single quotes
>>>> trap '' usr1 usr2
>>>>> # Copy job files to local scratch space
>>>>> JOBFILE=jobfiles.job-id-$JOB_ID.tgz
>>>>> tar cfz $JOBFILE helloworld
>>>>> rm -rf $JOBFILE
>>>>> cd $TMPDIR
>>>>> tar xfz $JOBFILE
>>>>> rm -rf $JOBFILE
>>>> Maybe you can avoid the local file:
>>>> tar cj helloworld | tar xj -C $TMPDIR
>>>> cd $TMPDIR
>>>>> # Computational command to run
>>>>> ./helloworld
>>>> replace with:
>>>> (trap - usr1 usr2; exec ./helloworld)
>>>>> # Copy all files back.
>>>>> OUTFILE=outfiles.job-id-$JOB_ID.tgz
>>>>> tar cfz $OUTFILE *
>>>>> cd $SGE_CWD_PATH
>>>>> tar xfz $OUTFILE
>>>>> rm -rf $OUTFILE
>>>> tar -cj $OUTFILE * | tar xj -C $SGE_CWD_PATH
>>>> HTH - Reuti
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