[GE dev] drmaa_exit before drmaa_init seg faults

fy fly at anydata.co.uk
Tue Dec 23 15:11:48 GMT 2008


Can anyone confirm if they also get this problem.
This is so that I can rule out my local environment.
I'll raise a bug report, if the issue is confirmed elsewhere.

Calling drmaa_exit before any calls to drmaa_init results in segfault, 
gdb stack trace points to japi_exit.

The sequence, drmaa_init/drmaa_exit/drmaa_exit produces the expected 
error message, so no problem if drmaa_init has been called at least once 
during the session.

This is on 6.2u1 binaries, running under ubuntu 8.10, lnx24-86.

Here is my test program:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <drmaa.h>
main(int ac, char **av)
	int  derr;
	derr = drmaa_exit(diag, sizeof(diag)-1);
	printf("drmaa_exit\t%s\n", drmaa_strerror(derr));
		printf("drmaa_exit:\t%s\n", diag);

Not a show stopper for me :)

All the best and Happy Christmas.


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