[GE users] windows execution host installation problem

Sandeep, Patel(IE10) Sandeep.Patel2 at Honeywell.com
Tue Jan 1 08:54:05 GMT 2008


       Everybody and happy new year


                                        My problem is that :

1.       I have installed the execution host in one of the windows
system . then I have typed the command in LINUX master  host as qstat -f

It is showing :---->


              Quename                 qtype                 used/total
load_avg               arch             states

           All.q at gridexecutor1     BIP                   0/4
-NA-                   -NA-             au


2.       why it is not showing the last three parameters.

3.       I have checked in the SFU shell sge_execd is not running, how
it is possible becoz the installation is done successfully.



Can anybody help me to resolve these problem ?





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