[GE users] windows execution host installation problem

Jigar Halani jigar at talentain.com
Wed Jan 2 11:18:59 GMT 2008

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Please check the below comments and let me know if you have done the same or



Thanks and regards,

Jigar Halani

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Subject: RE: [GE users] windows execution host installation problem



      I have done like this :

1.     master host is installed in DELL 690 with RHEL , I installed it as
owner : griduser not as root.

[Jigar halani]  You need to copy the SGE binary with the permission of
griduser:griduser but you have to install the SGE master with ?Root? user
only. So please check the same by adding one same machine as a execution
host so that you will come to know that with the Linux machine also you will
have to same problem or not..

                                            2. then I installed windows XP
32, in DELL 690.

                                            3. installed the full package of
SFU 3.5.

                                            4. my windows administrator name
is ?admin?.

[Jigar halani] Once you install the SFU them you need to link the users
(e.g. in your case admin and griduser) in the ?SFU Administration? wizard.
Then only you have to link the NFS directory. And also check the permission
for the same folder.


                                            5. I logged in as ?admin? in C
shell of SFU.

                                             6. created a link for /opt/sge
by ln ?s /net/? Than chage the /etc/inetd.conf

                                            6. then I started the

                                             7. it is asked to create a
local admin user ?griduser?. It created automatically.

                                             8. then asked for spool
directory, I have tried both  once I have taken default and second time I
have tried for /dev/fs/D/spool.

                                             9. at last it has shown that
installation is done successfully.

                                             10. but when I have chekes ps
ax. The demon sge_execd is not there.


[Jigar halani] Once you finish this things you must be able to get SGE up
and running in Windows. J


What is the prob???






From: Jigar Halani [mailto:jigar at talentain.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 2:19 PM
To: users at gridengine.sunsource.net
Subject: RE: [GE users] windows execution host installation problem




Happy new year to you as well.


I think the user mapping is not done properly OR you have not installed the
sge as super user, that?s the reason you are getting ?au? state in qstat ?f.


·         Please write what all steps you have done in the SFU integration
in the next mail.

·         Let us also know that are you able to get the nfs mount point from
shared directory of Grid-master in windows with the help of SFU?

·         Please try once again installing sge in SFU with ?su? user (super


If you still find some problem please let us know.



Thanks and regards,

Jigar Halani

High Performance Technical Computing Group

Talentain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ph: +91-80-4126 8681

Cell: +91-9902077344


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Subject: [GE users] windows execution host installation problem



       Everybody and happy new year


                                        My problem is that :

1.     I have installed the execution host in one of the windows system .
then I have typed the command in LINUX master  host as qstat ?f .

It is showing :--?


              Quename                 qtype                 used/total
load_avg               arch             states

           All.q at gridexecutor1     BIP                   0/4
-NA-                   -NA-             au


2.     why it is not showing the last three parameters.

3.     I have checked in the SFU shell sge_execd is not running, how it is
possible becoz the installation is done successfully.



Can anybody help me to resolve these problem ?





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