[GE users] Troubleshooting NIS errors (SGE 6.1u3 / Linux)

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Jan 10 20:16:00 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

I'm stuck troubleshooting a "can't submit jobs" problem that seems to  
be NIS related and would appreciate some debug tips if anyone has them.

The system is 6.1u3 running on Linux and the basic summary is:

- Local user accounts with local homedirs are always successful with  
qsub and qrsh
- Local user accounts with NFS shared homedirs are always successful  
with qsub and qrsh
- User accounts found in NIS are *never* successful with qsub or qrsh
- NIS seems happy according to "getent" on Linux
- SGE utilbin program "uidgid" report success when we run them against  
NIS resident usernames

That said though, any time a user configured within NIS tries to use  
qrsh we see this error in the logs:
> can't get password entry

Similar error occurs with qsub, the job pends forever because:

> error reason 1: can't get password entry for user "XXX". Either the  
> user does not exist or NIS error!

I've done as much as I can with Linux to confirm that NIS is happy and  
functioning for user. I've done the same (minimal) work with the SGE  
utilbin binaries and we can't seem to discover any actual trouble.

Anyone have any additional hints for working out NIS issues with Grid  
Engine? Thanks!


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