[GE users] Grid configuration change-management

Erik Soyez E.Soyez at science-computing.de
Mon Jan 14 12:33:57 GMT 2008

Good day Nikhil,

in my opinion this would be a very very useful feature.  Fortunately
we can use scVenus with most of our SGE installations - otherwise I
would call this feature "most essential".  One first step could be
a qconf option like "-dump" and "-restore" to backup the entire
cluster configuration as a plain text file (or xml).  I've been
missing that for a long time.  It would not only be great for
configuration backups and version control interfaces but also to get
an instant configuration overview (e.g. for support and debugging).

Erik Soyez.

P.S.: Another important feature for multi admin environments would be
a qmod option to add comments e.g. why queues have been disabled etc.

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Mulley, Nikhil wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> Thanks for the response.
> If I read your message correctly on the EDITOR variable pointing to
> a wrapper for producing the diffs, it is certainly doable, but what
> would have been more appropriate is it if it were a feature from SGE
> itself whether people are interested in the change management itself,
> if yes, send notifications on the changes. In my case, there are
> multiple people associated with the changes, in the sense of relying
> on all of them for setting their EDITOR variable would not be
> appropriate.  As such as request, I guess this could be well made
> into SGE itself.
> Admittingly, I mostly rely on command line qconf, than qmon as the
> tool for SGE admin changes. [I actually never used it :-/]
> If it were to do for both qmon and qconf, then this I guess, requires
> on SGE front itself to get configuration change (plug-in)... Than
> having a admin to have his EDITOR variable set to a custom wrapper
> always.
> Please let me know your consent.
> Regards,
> Nikhil
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> Hi Nikhil,
> actually it should be possible to do this based on EDITOR environment
> variable. It would have to point on a script wrapper that saves the
> file before editing under /tmp/saved.$$ so that it can mail the diff
> to a mailing list after editing.
> As for an RFE the question would be whether somehing related could
> be done for qmon. I think it would be possible even though no editor
> is launched by qmon. Having such a configuration change plug-in would
> be interesting as it could be the base for use of a version control
> system such as CVS as a mirror for the SGE configuration.
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Mulley, Nikhil wrote:
>> In our environment, we are group of people who administer the grid.
>> Whenever we make any changes to the grid configuration in any detail, we
>> mail the diffs to track the changes among ourselves.
>> Would it be possible, in a better way, that whenever there is any change
>> to the grid configuration by the qconf command, there is a mail
>> generated. In the sense, please have another option like 'change_mail
>> yes|no' and send an diff to the email id defined in 'administrator_mail'
>> of the grid configuration based on the parameter value. Can this make
>> out as an RFE ? Please let me know to file it.


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