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Am 14.01.2008 um 13:33 schrieb Erik Soyez:

> Good day Nikhil,
> in my opinion this would be a very very useful feature.  Fortunately
> we can use scVenus with most of our SGE installations - otherwise I
> would call this feature "most essential".  One first step could be
> a qconf option like "-dump" and "-restore" to backup the entire
> cluster configuration as a plain text file (or xml).  I've been
> missing that for a long time.  It would not only be great for
> configuration backups and version control interfaces but also to get
> an instant configuration overview (e.g. for support and debugging).
> Erik Soyez.
> P.S.: Another important feature for multi admin environments would be
> a qmod option to add comments e.g. why queues have been disabled etc.

you can use this one:


-- Reuti

> On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Mulley, Nikhil wrote:
>> Hi Andreas,
>> Thanks for the response.
>> If I read your message correctly on the EDITOR variable pointing to
>> a wrapper for producing the diffs, it is certainly doable, but what
>> would have been more appropriate is it if it were a feature from SGE
>> itself whether people are interested in the change management itself,
>> if yes, send notifications on the changes. In my case, there are
>> multiple people associated with the changes, in the sense of relying
>> on all of them for setting their EDITOR variable would not be
>> appropriate.  As such as request, I guess this could be well made
>> into SGE itself.
>> Admittingly, I mostly rely on command line qconf, than qmon as the
>> tool for SGE admin changes. [I actually never used it :-/]
>> If it were to do for both qmon and qconf, then this I guess, requires
>> on SGE front itself to get configuration change (plug-in)... Than
>> having a admin to have his EDITOR variable set to a custom wrapper
>> always.
>> Please let me know your consent.
>> Regards,
>> Nikhil
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>> Hi Nikhil,
>> actually it should be possible to do this based on EDITOR environment
>> variable. It would have to point on a script wrapper that saves the
>> file before editing under /tmp/saved.$$ so that it can mail the diff
>> to a mailing list after editing.
>> As for an RFE the question would be whether somehing related could
>> be done for qmon. I think it would be possible even though no editor
>> is launched by qmon. Having such a configuration change plug-in would
>> be interesting as it could be the base for use of a version control
>> system such as CVS as a mirror for the SGE configuration.
>> On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Mulley, Nikhil wrote:
>>> In our environment, we are group of people who administer the grid.
>>> Whenever we make any changes to the grid configuration in any  
>>> detail, we
>>> mail the diffs to track the changes among ourselves.
>>> Would it be possible, in a better way, that whenever there is any  
>>> change
>>> to the grid configuration by the qconf command, there is a mail
>>> generated. In the sense, please have another option like  
>>> 'change_mail
>>> yes|no' and send an diff to the email id defined in  
>>> 'administrator_mail'
>>> of the grid configuration based on the parameter value. Can this  
>>> make
>>> out as an RFE ? Please let me know to file it.
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