[GE users] GE and Ant

Christopher Heiny heiny at starband.net
Wed Jan 16 15:49:19 GMT 2008

Background: We're using Apache Ant to manage our simulations.  With 150 
simulations of an hour each, this is not currently a fast running 
system.  I'm building a grid engine to help parallelize the 
simulations.  I'd like to continue using Ant to manage the the 
simulations, but would like the differences between the grid and 
non-grid invocation to be as minimal as possible from the user point of 
view (that is, the command line and outputs should be minimally 
different; the guts of build.xml can be quite different).

Question: Are there any Ant tasks for working with Grid Engine?  For 
instance, an extension of <exec> which uses qsub, or maybe something 
like the AntContrib project's <for> task which can submit tasks in 
parallel, or possibly other interesting GE related tasks.

I'm happy to go off and write my own if these don't exist, but at the 
same time hate to re-invent wheels that are already there.

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