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Christopher Heiny heiny at starband.net
Fri Jan 18 01:06:01 GMT 2008

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On Thursday 17 January 2008, ground control picked up the following 
transmission from Petr Jung:
> Hi Chris
> This is a nice idea to have ant version for submitting jobs. I have
> never heard about an existing SGE-ANT implementation.
> One thing is to have sge version of exec, which start whatever job
> using qsub
> without any synchronization capabilities and limited input/output.
> This is just about how much options this task will support.
> Another thing is the sge-for  version with sequential sections
> executed by ant on the other hosts and able to wait for execution of
> all tiers and collecting
> the inputs and outputs. This will be much complicated and depends on
> running environment.
> What version do you need?
> If you need more complicated version. Do you have common file system
> available on all hosts?
> If you have no common file system. How to map the job outputs back to
> parent ant task?
> So let me know, If we can go ahead and find suitable solution.
> Petr

We've got a common file system on all the GE cluster elements.

After poking around inside <for> and <exec>, I think the solution might 
be to make <exec> capable of using DRMAA as a launcher to submit the 
job.  You'd probably want this to be an optional thing (maybe using a 
drmaa="true|false" attribute).  <exec>'s current spawn attribute could 
be used to determine whether to synchronize with the termination of the 
grid job.  I think this would also give better control of stderr and 
stdout that the plain qsub method would.

That's all you basically really need.  You can then use the <for> task's 
parallel attribute to run a number of GE tasks simultaneously.


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