[GE users] how to define the nodes?

Ryoji Takahashi ryoji at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jan 22 20:18:16 GMT 2008

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sorry, coming back to the same question.
So, for 8 processes per nodes, what should i do?
Can user specify in batch script?
#$ -pe mpich 2-8
(i know this is not right.)

or root has to configure
this allocation_rule 8 ?  instead $round_robin?

how I can really do??

when i did by

$ cat run.nim
#! /bin/sh
#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -V
#$ -N dpb2005_s05_pr1
#$ -cwd
#$ -o /home/takahary/nimrod/rundir/dpb2005_s05_pr1/batch.out
#$ -e /home/takahary/nimrod/rundir/dpb2005_s05_pr1/batch.err
#$ -M ryoji-takahashi at utulsa.edu
#$ -m e
#$ -l h_cpu=48:00:00
##$ -l h_vmem=2000M
#$ -pe mpich 2-8

echo Running on host `hostname`
echo Time is `date`
echo Directory is `pwd`
set orig_dir=`pwd`
echo This job runs on the following processors:
cat $TMPDIR/machines
echo This job has allocated $NSLOTS processors

mpirun  -hostfile  $TMPDIR/machines -np $NSLOTS 

i see it only pick up 8 nodes?

> In SGE the allocation of number of slots per node is in the PE 
> definition. So maybe you need two PEs:
> - one with "allocation_rule 1"
> - one with "allocation_rule 2"
> if youn want to have one or two processes per node for this job. 
> Otherwise you can use $round_robin if you don't care.
> -- Reuti

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