[GE users] File server overloading

Gary Thomas gthomas at ForteDS.com
Mon Jan 28 23:48:13 GMT 2008

Does anyone have experience with using Redhat's GFS with SGE.  We are
having problems where
15-20 execution hosts running jobs that reside on the same file server
are overloading the server.
We have 3 file servers and are thinking about using GFS to combine them
into a file system so
We can have all 60 of our execution hosts running off the same virtual
file system.  We're looing
At expanding to over 100 execution hosts in the near future and need a
file server system that can
Keep up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Gary Thomas
Senior Software Engineer
(425) 869-4227 x716
gthomas at forteds.com

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